June notes

The months of April and May were extremely cold, persistent northerly winds and frost. Unusually little rain; 45 mm in April, and 75 mm in May.  What a joy to feel and see the warmth of June sunshine!    The plants are duly responding, the perennials, though still small in statue, are lush, and the shrub roses, such as Alba maxima are beginning to flower.

The lack of wind and rain has benefitted the clematis and cornus,  Miss Satomi is in full pinkish blossom, and C Alabast has produced dinner sized flowers. The bearded iris have lasted for weeks, and the rows of them along the wall have been quite beautiful.

Our vegetables are slowly developing, they just do not like the cold clay ground! The greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers are thriving, and I am watching the weather forecast to see if there will be any more frosty nights, if so we shall cover the plants with horticultural fleece The low greenhouse walls have been limed, an old method that acts as a cleanser, and an added bonus of the sun reflecting  its heat unto the plants.

 We decide to see how a ‘no mow May’ would work! The lawn was a sea of yellow buttercups, so the plan was discarded, though we will persist with our continued principle of no chemicals.  I am glad to see, in the drier areas plenty of clover, plus of course the ever present daisy.

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