March Notes

Currently the month of March has been cold, the below average temperature for this time of year, and with little sun, hence I am delaying sowing seeds!  Hopefully I will start soon and by the end of the month the seeds trays shall be full of tiny seedlings.  However, there are wonderful signs life, increased birdsong, more solitary bees, and the occasional hatch of small flies.

It is a good time to transplant, and I have been moving Hydrangea mac. to the Dump Garden. The previous location had become too shaded; no idea of the names, labels were blown away! Hellebores also easy to move this month, and one can see with the abundant foliage where they will fit into a new location. The borders are being raked, wed, and await their annual mulch of well rotted cow manure. 

The snowdrops flowering is almost over, and the crocus and dwarf daffodil are providing a continuation of colour in these wooded areas.  Another delight of the season is LEUCOJUM VERNUM, actually grown from seeds many years ago, quite tall, and attractive dark green strap like leaves. The tips of the white petals have a delicate touch of pale green.

The vernal equinox is almost upon us, the sun then being in the northern hemisphere for the next six months, then the garden foliage will quickly emerge from is long period of dormancy.

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